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  1. @OwlThunder_Gaming


  2. next bp reward m551(105)

  3. @I_am_looking_for_GF

    “effective apds shell” as if those exist anymore other then in autocannons

  4. A rank IV Usa With a sabot and stabilizer? It is a miracle

  5. great, garbage gun and garbage round, and the worst part of it is on a garbage platform…

  6. @Adam_yourlocalgrinder

    Well i guess im grinding again

  7. basically a stabilized M41

  8. Shell Shatters on the Tiger II hull 💀

  9. YIPPIE!

  10. I like how the small box for the Shillelagh’s guidance system is still on the mantlet. Devblog says this thing is more accurate than the Bulldogs so we’ll have to see about that as well as the BR placement of the thing since it’s basically going to be just like the Bulldogs but better because of the stab and good turret traverse.

    (Allow me to remind everyone that Gaijin randomly nerfed the turret traverse rate of all Bulldogs some time ago)

  11. @02suraditpengsaeng41

    EffEctIvE apds sHElL


  12. Finally a vehicle that worths it.

  13. @deepdarksecrets8053

    The only reason I’m interested is the stabilizer

  14. please be at 8.7 please

  15. Finally an interesting battle pass again

  16. Need damage, not more bullshit tanks ..🤡

  17. Why not the M551 (152)

  18. Effective APDS ☠️☠️☠️

  19. @waifu-speedrun4558

    A Sheridan but with a 76mm gun

  20. ONLY AT RANK 4????

  21. The m551 Sheridan was good too

  22. Literally 6.3 tank with stabilizer and 7.3 BR.

    What a prize to pay and grind! 😉

  23. way better than the M551 considering the HEAT shell has such shit damage

  24. Bulldog gun? Honestly i more like Bulldog Solid AP than APDS at

  25. Yoo how is your disease going?

  26. @Bulgarianempireofficial

    That 76 mill seems wrong on the Sheridan💀

  27. rip to everyone that goes for this thing

  28. @jhonatanhinojosa9122

    Light Armor?No thanks


  30. Will it be same br as the Sheridan M551?

  31. Yeahhh fuck the gaijin and battle pass you gót m41 and t92 with samé thing dont buy battle pay use money somwhere else this is goona br shit tank

  32. I have not heard this song since GTA3, I had to mentally search my mind to find where i recognized this song

  33. i can see the apds being frustrating like they always are

  34. I was hoping I could sit this Battlepass out lmao. Guess not 🤣

  35. Looks W

  36. Yooo its the sheridan!!

  37. Finally not a copy paste rewards

  38. I like the bulldog, as I’ve played quite a few versions of it, and since this is basically a stabilized bulldog, I can see this being pretty good.

  39. @SleepingWithShotguns

    More gun trucks!

    We want the toyota dshka

  40. did?vt the bulldog also have this turret?

  41. @hammondvascovich3479

    Sheridan Bulldog


  43. @filipmyszczyszyn7059

    Of course but they will add nothing good to Germany

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