Europe’s Edge Battle Path Announcement (Armored Warfare)

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Source: Armored Warfare

A new Battle Path is coming soon!

A new, Europe-themed Battle Path campaign is launching soon. Click the link above to learn more or pre-order.

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!

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  1. @mustafakiroglu1476

    I am eagerly anticipating this new activity. Will the game graphics be improved to the level of reality in the video, or is it just an animation video made for the introduction of tank vehicles?

  2. @seregarublev8915

    will the Ajax deafen our crew like the real thing?

  3. iam excited for new maps.. new maps as always?

    • @ArmoredWarfareGame

      Hello! We are currently working on a new Special Operation after having released the last one several months ago. It’s going to be a blast. Oh and new PvP maps too, new mode… plenty of stuff in the pipeline.

  4. I was thinking of reinstalling earlier this week, they must be watching.

  5. I can’t wait for this battle pass, but yeah agree with some comments about new maps… we need some new maps for sure

  6. Can we hope you don’t nerf every new BP vehicle before end of Battle Path or shortly after? Again… as you get used to do all the time :/ Any ATGM for the Ajax? Because IFV class can not spam HE anymore. This way without strong ATGM they are unplayable.

    • @ArmoredWarfareGame

      Marder 2 would like to have a word… 🙂 Ajax will be epic.

    • @@ArmoredWarfareGame I give a go to Marder 2. My main goal is the Panther anyways but I will check the Ajax for sure. Farther notes! Please nerf the armor of ZTZ-20 to be average with a nice weak spot on lover frontal plate. In current state no other MBT can deal with them and that is unaceptable! Puma also need a buff! That is a POS now. You ruined it. It only worth for sell. At least give it an ATGM unit that can shoot both missile at once like the Boxer! Make new content to be unique not overpowred and stop nerf it shortly after! Balance! Ever heard about her? Plus we need some new maps. Or at least redesigne the current ones. Not rocket sience. We love this game after all. We want to keep it alive. And don’t listen to negative comments on graphics. It’s already look nice. I don’t care about graphics until the balance isn’t right!

  7. Is it planned to fix the boxer rwips turret so that it isnt manned anymore? Currently if any autocannon aims your turret your tank instantly gets deleted. Also maybe a good idea would be to add AP ammo to boxer rwip as the autocannon seems underwhelming compared to TOS which was the top prize last bp

  8. @asrieldreemurr1856

    Best battle path trailer in a good while, I gotta say : )

  9. I wish to know did you made something abouth graphyc and performance, I have new PC and AW was so laggy no need to say I couldnt play at high resolution. well now last played a year ago so whats about perf?

  10. Wow enfin un vrai truc

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