Silent Bradley APFSDS

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Source: Zenturion7

Song: Night Butterfly

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  1. Air Combat OST in the background btw

  2. @lt.bagelbites6969

    Now watch them patch this as if it’s some huge game breaking bug that makes the game unplayable

  3. @kernel_inpage_error

    25 and 30mm darts are smol in diameter, somewhere around 7mm you used as a reference, so the game picks the sound of 7mil hitting the plate. That’s a straightforward logic, though yeah, APFSDS should sound differently.

  4. been playing war thunder for 2k hrs and i got to say that it has some of the worst sound i have heard in video games

  5. ive been seeing this glitch for lie the past 1-2 weeks dont know why gaijin hasnt fixed it yet

  6. a lot of autocannons sound like small MGs currently. i keep getting killed by them cause i think they’re teammates trolling

    honestly i cant even hear the shot at all

  7. Yeah noticed this, I thought someone was shooting me with a mg just to see my crew go red and eventually die

  8. Try it against slightly lower tier tanks…

  9. @TheSystematicPsycho

    Wow thanks for sharing i didnt know that those rounds wernt always mgs…

  10. I think it’s the same with the puma, sounds like an mg hitting you

  11. I have died so many times in light tanks because i thought its shooting its machine gun just to die in 2 seconds

  12. world of tanks have better sfx than warthunder i cant believe it and i have played both untill now

  13. mf i thought i got killed by a fricking 50cal in a leo 2a7v

  14. I don’t count the amount of time where the APFSDS sound bug screwed me over in the Type 16

  15. This is how those Bradleys took out that T90M. They never heard their silent assassins. xD

  16. Its been happening since that last update, and its annoying as fuck, i think im gettting shot by a mg and by the time i spin around my tracks gone, barrel is out, breach smoke and then i blow up lol
    Kill cam shows bmp2m, or a puma or vilkas

  17. Saw a bug report regarding this one a few days ago with video attached and guess what? TrickZZter and another asshole were refusing to admit it without the author submitting screenshots. Screenshots of a sound bug, bruh.

  18. @demarkisdinkins2737

    shit the gun on the bradley feels like a extra mg lol

  19. ah so this is the reason why i got silent killed by bratley

  20. it sounds like a bb gun hit steel tube

  21. @ryanrautenberg6092

    I noticed too

  22. @SilverStarHeggisist

    This might explain why sometimes when getting hit, I’m not too worried cause its just a machine gun, and then randomly die.

  23. You got a like for the Air combat/ Ace combat 2 soundtrack 👍

  24. Yeah and imagine being a light tank player and hearing the exact thing but then instead of pushing back you think someone is mging you to find out 2 seconds later its a puma or a bradley that killed me

  25. bmp too loud to trick people

  26. Bro when the m3 hits be I think k it’s some random tank after missing and then I get decimated

  27. maybe make a video about game sounds but with music… its not a good idea.

  28. Puma is the same

  29. i hate this. Where is BOOM sound when i get hit by 100+ mm gun?

  30. Gaijin plz fix the type10 streering and suspension

  31. now that’s a soundtrack I haven’t heard in a long long time…

    *ace combat 2 flashbacks*

  32. @RoyalForceArmament

    It looked like every 4th shot was HEI in the first belt for the Bradley, that might be why. Maybe because it explodes on impact the sound reg is different???

  33. @viralesgladio3672

    Same thing with the puma, was driving around heard some little pebbles hitting me little did I know I was getting eviscerated

  34. @XDwpnoobImanAdult

    happened to me yesterday. Placed my mouse over uninstalled. Click, solution made. Ty suscribe

  35. Is this new ???

  36. The chinese tank from last event is even worse

  37. This reminds me of the time in WarThunder when you could only recognize the tank you were dealing with by the sound of fire and especially by the engine. Today you might be able to tell if it’s a Centurion, a gas turbine or another tank.

  38. Well now I know why something that sounds like MG somehow pen my T10M

  39. Air Combat OST ❤❤❤

  40. @justintimbersaw3934

    What about APL.DE.AP?

  41. @panzerdespenser9030

    From what I remember, the 25-20mm apds(fs) should probably sound like MG bullets (though probably with a slightly different sound since they’re faster) hitting a vehicle from how small they are. Gaijin did a video a while ago that described 25mm apfsds as the “size of a nail” making it not that big and probably smaller than 7.62

  42. fr ALL the time im getting hit by a BMP or smth and i think it’s just MG fire

  43. ooohhp gaijin messed up now we gotta release classified documents again

  44. we have to adapt it and leak classified documents

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