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Source: DOLLARplays

built Type 95 Ro-Go gameplay in War Thunder.
It's the only true 's heavy tank in the game.


Intro: Cyber Crush – Jon Presstone

Background: Made in Taiwan – Lupus Nocte
Cotton Factory – Hunter Quinn
When People Tell Me No – The New Fools
Two Sides – Martin Klem

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#tanks #WarThunder #worldoftanks

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  1. Do you think we’ll ever get the I-O heavy tank in War Thunder?

  2. Love your video’s Dollar! really funny and love the style. how do i get a fully effective decal in game??

  3. I want the O-I bcs I have it in World of Tanks and its strong tank when you get down tier (my english is bad, sorry)

  4. Can you please go down the English heavy tank line?

  5. Hey betty You could make a series of videos called “Improvised AntiAir” where you shoot down planes as unlikely vehicles
    your “anti-cas” are very satisfactory


  7. Dollar can you play air battles?

  8. Oh no i just shot has got me laughing so hard

  9. And yeah i think since japan needs more vehicles i think theyll add O I

  10. “OH NO, I JUST SHOT”💀💀💀💀

  11. Now, this is what I call a good entertainment! Aciu, broli!!

  12. German Heavy Tank 🧐
    Japan Heavy Tank 🗿

  13. To bad Gaijin didnt throw in the Prototype O-i Heavy tank that’s a heavy tank but this one will suffice

  14. @DOLLARplays Oh no I just shot 💥BooM………………😏 Low tier Fun Tier

  15. The “oh, no i just shot” x100 times got me 🤣

  16. Can you please play Tiger2H, Dollar ?

  17. I’ve never met this tank in game

  18. Bro, A video with the French tanks 1.0

  19. @feddyvonwigglestein3481

    What a horrible, painful vehicle

  20. @Certified_door_kicker

    the kung pow betty references is the funniest shit ever lol

  21. Dollar! I love these videos and love your editing style! Mind spilling the sauce on the editor you use?

  22. You should do a video of the now removed French ship Dupleix.
    Goofy ship at a higher BR compared to its techtree counter part.

  23. Do a Australia tanks video, just like the India tanks video.
    With the: AC IV, M1 AIM, Matilda Hedgehog and the Centurion Mk.5, if u have it

  24. Hey Dollar please do a Video of T90m and Leopard2A7V

  25. A few days late (My bad) But, episode 5 of waiting for that KV

  26. Your channel is so fake or is it a gaming channel

  27. oh no he just shot! D:

  28. I love your videos! Jega!

  29. @themightyorange87

    Can you please say “It it bleeds we can kill it” And “Get to the choppa” In your next video. ?

  30. @MarkoLemmer-fj6oy

    Can we see some otomatic action pls, italian tech tree

  31. Love your videos dude. Always up beat and you never put anyone down in your vids.

  32. Can you do a video on the free to play account?

  33. We won’t see O-I because gaijin hate Japan

  34. Without a doubt, one of the worst designed tanks of all time… poor… poor thing.

  35. If only Gaijin would stop making japan suffer..we just want the O-I..

  36. @michaelvalentin432

    Hiding this behind a Paywall is just like the Germans not having a Tier 3 light…

  37. Ro-Go was my first prem tank because of a sale coupon. I look back on it it fondly. Truely a learning experience.

  38. I have been watching your videos for so long. I don’t know why I haven’t subscribed until today. Thanks for the great content?

  39. @deliriousgaming9432

    If you bind the “select secondary weapon” in the controls menu, you’ll get a crosshair for the secondary weapon as well as using your default fire button to fire it

  40. Mr $ is back
    (The kill spree was insane 😅😳)

  41. I’m Brazilian, I start to see your videos and don’t stop more…
    Its so funny with this edition
    Congratulations Man 🤘🏻

  42. Attack attack attack!!

    I know my Kellys Heroes sound bites when I hear ’em! ❤

  43. My favorite tank in the Japanese tech tree is the Ho-Ni Type-III really represents how I feel most of the time and it has a good gun in that BR.

  44. Could you play it0 90M

  45. day 1 of asking for amx elc bis

  46. Do a IKV 103 video

  47. Gotta play the Ta-Se!

  48. How can I get “Djd you angle today” decal?

  49. The rounds dont have propellant, the breech is just an air compressor

  50. They have to make the O-I either way, they made the maus, O-I is certainly coming

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