Testing if War Thunder’s Armor System is Accurate 🤔

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  1. Song name?

  2. bro just gave me nostalgia

  3. The music…

  4. @Robsonwszystkoiwiencej

    How you do this simulator

  5. @surprisepatrick19

    I love MBT-70 it’s so fast, a reliable gun and its 127mm of air “armor”

  6. @ZheniaDobrovolskyi

    Game: war thunder
    Music: minecraft 😂

  7. Song name??

  8. M109G vs T-90M pls

  9. How do you test this

  10. Am i the only one surprised by how the centurion shell acted on the t54 plate? It literally took half of the entire plate off but failed to penetrate. It looks like it preforms terrible at angles but has a lot of 90 degree pen

  11. @trystanrodriguez8750

    I think the game uses this same system, but older. and faster.


  13. Minecraft music in the background 😢 the good old days

  14. What is this simulator? I want to know!

  15. Where do you see how to break through the tank?

  16. Hate this music

  17. If you have some epic/funny War Thunder clips and you’d like to maybe see them on my channel, you can send them in through the google forms link in my community tab! 😄

  18. This music hits so good with the video.

  19. Video: 😯🔥🔥

    Song: 😭😭😭(nostalgia minecraft)

  20. What is this application called?

  21. Это 300 коммент

  22. Кнопка подписаться 💀

  23. Minecraft java..

  24. That music is familiar

  25. @alphastronghold715

    I find it funny that you keep saying “accurate” when it very clearly isn’t.

    Yes, the shell penetrated. But unlike in war Thunder, the shell also did not stay intact enough to retain its explosive filler, let alone detonate inside the tank.

    On the vast majority of these, the shell would have detonated halfway through the armor as soon as the core disintegrated. Spalling would still cause some damage (possibly) but it wouldn’t kill the tank like it shows in War Thunder.

  26. How is a machine gun absorb taht bullet??

  27. The problem is centurion one is accurate

  28. Song name?

  29. Alright boys, what documents we gotta release to correct this.

  30. @naufalprarinda1184

    Song name??

  31. Insane background music

  32. Песня легенда

  33. what kind of site is this? or app?

  34. @ClydeWebber-qq7bf

    What’s the music?

  35. App name?

  36. @HomeDepotGamer2078

    (People getting obliterated and torn apart.)

    *Minecraft music intensifies.

  37. I would take the simulations on both sides with a grain of salt

  38. This music Makes me so relaxed

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