The Anti-Everything Tank

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Source: Spookston

The Swedish Lvkv 42 is an SPAA vehicle that is equally good, if not better, at destroying tanks. It has access to APHE rounds for its 40mm Bofors, which make it incredibly potent against CAS and even heavier tanks. It is one of the best multi-role tanks in War Thunder.

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The Anti-Everything Tank


  1. Still recovering from surgery, it is not cash money boys

  2. cas in lower tiers feels like cancer, end up with 60 percent of the enemy team in planes some matches and it just turns into sufering

  3. The better traverse, the better round and better speed make this one even more OP than the L-62 despite the higher BR (and with it the chance to face MORE 50 cals).
    It’s achiles heel is how fast it burns down it’s VERY limited supply of ammo.
    But to be fair, not a single swedish AA has more than 5 mags.
    It’s downright disrespectful how the Ostwind and Wirbeleind have like 10 times the ammo of any swedish AA.

  4. Ru 251 please

  5. Love your videos bro,no one makes videos about the object 685, how about a video of that???

  6. You should start a squad on war thunder and allow subscribers to join to help unlock the squad locked vehicles. Could name it the BOOCREW.

  7. Play aubl from 6.7 italy, its a golbin sniper tank that pens almost everything 1.0 above and below its br with ease

  8. Please play the german 15cm sturmpanzer

  9. @thejourney2point0

    I very much enjoy the Halo CE Elite noises for CAS

  10. is the vilkas worth buying?

  11. the British have one very similar but on a crusader chassis

  12. Day 9
    of asking you for Lancia 3ro or YaG (29-K)

  13. @baronvonsmurf7110

    Today players was mostly aa tanks,and no chat

  14. Do the Wirbelwind next! (but play it at 5.7)

  15. Day 2 of asking you to play the Ratel 20

  16. @matiaslatapiat7152

    can u play zestörer

  17. @CallumBrennan-uk2df

    If u make a video about the French reserves I will type cheeseburger 100 times in the comments

  18. Brooo stop advertising the Swedish tech tree, i wanna grind alone😫

  19. Are you a furry ?

  20. Spookston you should play the marder 1a3, it gets thermals at 8.0 and a apds belt which will melt any light tank

  21. Play the m3 bradley, it’s like the bestest ifv ever

  22. @tajustetenskas60

    T72B ?

  23. attempt 10 to get spookston to play the pz 4 F1 with APHE

  24. try 85 ofasking spookston to play the to55

  25. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 101 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  26. If a SPAA can kill tanks people will use it to kill tanks.

  27. The Swedish meatball flinger is a vicious creature. Do not be fooled by its cute demeanor. For it’s bite is far worse than its bark.

  28. Day 11 of asking Spookston to play the M728 CEV

  29. Its true, I have more tank kills with that thing than air and its great. Kind of like the German Whirlbwind, which is a terrorist.

  30. I have overpressured TURMS tanks with this. The 40mm is just silly.

  31. Another day asking for dicker max

  32. @morgankarlsson5347

    I have asked you to play the ikv 72 for the last 45-50 days

  33. you wanna use the default belts only, way more pen.

  34. day 4 of asking spookston to play the sherman firefly

  35. what movie is the clip and the start from

  36. What is the clip at 0:32?

  37. the og 2S38. too bad this isn’t a premium it could be an SL printer

  38. are you a furry?🤮🤮🤮

  39. How many hours in warthunder do you have!?

  40. Some planes can fly with no wings, I did that actually. Getting to the airfield to repair was the issue however lool

  41. @alextresadern3326

    “Critical damage* literally has no wings left 😂

  42. Spook: “I’m out of ammo”
    Turret crew, sitting there, surrounded my 40mm clips: “YEAH, WE TOTALLY OUT BOSS”

  43. @tommasocolliva5589

    Video n6 of asking Breda 501

  44. fun fact: you can just shoot the KV-2 in the side of that sticking out part of its gun mantlet and it will just melt the turret crew

  45. You should play the not-OP-bullshit version of this, the Ostwind. Has APHE too but it’s worse in pretty much every way except ammo capacity.

  46. Tank Beats Everything!

  47. 1:22 Warhammer 40k Ork WAAAGH or HALO Covenant Elite death scream?

  48. Day18 play the jagdtiger with he only

  49. Interesting. The Hungarian’s used the same vehicle. The Nimrod. I forgot if it was the exact one.

  50. @algirdasradzevicius188

    One hundredth fourth time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

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