Germany’s Funniest New Tank

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Source: Spookston

Gaijin has added another funky German prototype tank to War Thunder with the Zerstorer 45. It is somewhat similar to the Kugelblitz, being based on the Panzer 4, but has no armor and four 30mm cannons instead of two. It’s great at shredding both CAS and tanks, so it was a lot of fun for me.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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Germany’s Funniest New Tank


  1. Day 4 of asking Spookston to play the Ikv 72

  2. @Aluminum_Enthusiast

    spookston you should try the AB 43 for the italians, its very fast for its rank and is very easily able to flank

  3. Get well soon bbg

  4. Day one of asking to fly the su 22m3

  5. @aestralphoenix8712

    @Spookston How practical would the Star Wars AT-RT walker be in modern combat? And I’d like to add a possible theory of making it a robot with I similar build or concept.

  6. @ceciliamacanas4074

    Attempt 2 to asking spook to play the tiger p

  7. play the russian tiger killer (kv220) please its basically a KV2 zis on steroids

  8. I know it’s nothing new but could you use the Bkan 1C again? It’s one of my favourite vehicles in the game and also big boom

  9. Spookie can u play the fv4005


    you should play m18, it is also quite silly

  11. Day 1 of askin spookston, could ya play the ZBD04A? 😀

  12. day 101 of asking Spookston try M103,it’s quite fun,for sometimes

  13. Play each rank as your fav country on controller

  14. @yoinkthewolf5981

    0:13 “less armor”

  15. day 36 of asking for the M8 GMC

  16. the m41d just got buffed engine power, this is clearly a sign to play it again 🙂

  17. Spookston once said “What????”

  18. I deleted War Thunder due to becoming such a bad game so annoying since it isn’t the game I remember playing when I was younger

  19. They should make ground tanks only (other than the nuke), then make a combined arms game, where all three types of vehicles can play. Like there could be an air battle with planes trying to destroy bases and provide ground support for tanks, naval tries to also provide ground support and eliminate the enemy ships, and tanks going around doing their thing. There’d have to be maps made for this but I think it would be awesome.

  20. Day two of asking him to play the su 22m3

  21. 3:30 change the battery on your smoke detector

  22. @battlebanana2828

    I would like to hear “absolutely crumped” more often, it makes me laugh so hard every time and “crumped” has made its way into my dictionary XD

  23. @kauanribeiro1122

    BRO! É uma Anti aerea ou um caça tanque?

  24. Side skirts up / down should be something you enable in combat. Just another way to shove an extra module in there

  25. Day 2 of asking Spookston to play the Ratel 20

  26. @AnimeAddictedNerd

    Day 1 asking you to play the 3-in Guncarrier

  27. Thx for annhialating the M18 base i hate them so much man

  28. You should play the crusader AA mk 1

  29. 6:20
    am i hearing things or is that the assault rifle sound effect from OG Halo

    Edit no that is absolutely the assault rifle from Halo 1

  30. how do you even fold the sideskirts up? not like i want to do so, i just want to know because its interesting

  31. @BlueLightningHawk

    Scouting reduces air spawn cost, M18 can scout

  32. @projectpitchfork860

    The Zerstörer 45 actually had the turret of the Wirbelwind.

  33. Fun fact the shot sherman is in a Dutch museum and was used as a test for pen

  34. 10:24 I want to see a KSP video from him now.

  35. Day19 play the jagdtiger with he only

  36. Fun fact about folding the sides up: Your crew still sticks up over the top of it so it doesn’t even protect them from MGs.

  37. Day 2 of asking spookston to play the btr-80a

  38. @hydrogen_minoxide

    Day 35 of asking spookston to play the FV4005

  39. @The_Mythical_Potato

    The memes 💀

  40. @andyfriederichsen

    Another day, another video of Spookston talking about how much he wants War Thunder to not have aircraft so it becomes another World Of Tanks.

  41. @algirdasradzevicius188

    One hundredth fifth time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  42. @damiencrossley7497

    Rank 1 and Im done!
    …..because I suck har har!

  43. That thing is a ho 225 but on za ground

  44. M3A3 Bradley, for some Gulf War vibes.

    Attempt 146

  45. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never seen a sherman at 6.0 i only see 7.0 and up. been playing the game since just before the Uk got a ground tree added I don’t remember what year that was but it was a while back. At 3.0 -5.0 I’ll get the occasional down tier. Just finished up several battles with a 7.7 air lineup and only saw mig 21’s, A-10’s, harriers, etc

  46. @o.m.b.demolitionenterprise5398

    unexpected kerbal space program reference made my day ❤

  47. @allanmcculloughjr9561

    Not a jumbo Pershing is is a super Pershing

  48. 2:33 wait, since when did they add “severe damage” thingy?

    Had nothing to do with me not touching War Thunder since 2020

  49. @jaysonnunley6602

    i think its a pretty simple system

  50. Oh I found a Zerstörer 45 model thing toy? at a antique mall recently lmao

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