The Low Tier Nuke Challenge

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Source: Spookston

Getting enough spawn points to bring in a nuclear aircraft is one of the most difficult achievements in War Thunder. Many of you voted to see if I could do so while using low tier tanks. I decided to use the trusty and rare M8A1 .

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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The Low Tier Nuke Challenge


  1. Happy Sunday

  2. @justinsmotovlog3857

    I just made a new squadron named killmeplease if any one wants to join

  3. Since it’s my birthday can you please play the marder a1

  4. Day 1 asking spookston to play the strv 105

  5. day 5 of asking for the T64B

  6. You should make a video about the leopard2 pzbtl

  7. Personally I have yet to get my first nuke after my first year (this month) of playing WT. BR 8.7 so far with Russia in grb.

  8. Day 28 of asking Spookston to play leopard 1(8.0br)

  9. Day 59 of asking Spookston to play the M11/39

  10. Please try the super hellcat, i want to know how it is

  11. @somebodywithagamingchair

    day 3 of asking spookson to play the M4A3 105 Sherman (At 3.0 BR)

  12. @HumphreyHorsehead

    Get a bomb kill at top tier with a Swordfish.

    My record is 8.3br

  13. Randomized loud out, take out a set of 5 vehicles at random from a random tech tree and get a kill with each one, regardless of the br

  14. Day 1: Hey Spookston, I know you don’t enjoy playing top tier, however, I think you would have fun playing hull down (commander view) M3A3 Bradley with tow2bs

  15. Day 4 or 5 of asking spookston to play the chi ha short gun

  16. Try playing the Pvlvv fm/42 it’s a Swedish antiair that absolutely shreds and is very gobliny

  17. Play the ro-go, japans big dumb low tier HE slinger

  18. Day one of asking spookston to play sdkfz251 anti air in the German tech tree, it’s basically a low tier triple barrel ifv

  19. You should play the Type 99 now that it was up’d in br to 7.3

  20. @elijahjosiahperez1421

    I remember in 1 game where I was in a Sherman 105 and t-50 destroyed my barrel so I track him near the water just push him in it and it apparently counts as a kill

  21. Play A13 Mk. II, you hate the British but this thing is OP at 1.3

  22. Wondering what are spookstons keybinds on war thunder 🤔

  23. day 1 of asking spookston for the OTOMATIC

  24. Try gunner heat pc pleeeasee.

  25. @omeregecukuryurt6022

    day 1 of askıng for m48 g a2 gameplay

  26. God I want the m8a1 sooo bad it is the most goofy vehicle in the game

  27. Why you not just targeting the Ammorack site when Fought Tiger 2’s?

  28. Day 1 of asking spookston to play the mause

  29. Day 3: STA-3

  30. do the r3 t20 next plssssss

  31. Day 22 of asking spookston to play the arl 44 tank destroyer

  32. @princesspupcake1269

    It feels like you gotta do wayyyyyyy more than usual to get a nuke. I had a game the other day where it took 13 kills and 1 base cap to just barely afford a nuke… so dumb.

  33. Try to get a nuke with the abrams in Vietnam if you do I Would be very surprised

  34. Day 59 of asking Spookston to play the YaG10 29K

  35. Bro dont even grind, hes just unlocking achievements at this point.

  36. That bomb cut was great

  37. nerf spookston is all I got from this video

  38. 7th video of asking spookston to finally play the DF105

  39. @marlenacooper3165

    Day 76 of asking Spookston to play the t-35

  40. @shawndaugherty4445

    Get a nuke in the m22, you can’t spot so it’s all assists, kills, and caps. I’ve been up to 2300 only using the m22.

  41. Low tier try not to get a nuke challenge

  42. vid day 37 of asking spookston to play the foch

  43. droped one with puma 3.3 in 6.7 😀

  44. what is your 1 map ban?

  45. @ReconProductions117

    Did hear some command and conquer generals theme 1:54

  46. They need an upgrade to God Mode just for doing this.

  47. If I can get a nuke with a Wirbelwind at max tier, so can you. I say a good 60% of the top tier players I meet are Lvl 20s.

  48. The fact your able to sit there and list off exact models of tanks, meanwhile im sitting here like, tank, russian of origin.

  49. Your biggest enemy while doing this is your DAMN TEAMMATES

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