WTF Moments in War Thunder Part 9

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Source: TheGreenlandicGamer

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  1. If it takes you 8 hours to get 45k points then something is really wrong

    Also you have 2 days/stage so you only play 2.5 hours daily

  2. It has a great personality

  3. @BaconPlayz_Airplane

    No one is talking about that australian tank

  4. Quick Explanation for the Australian PP for those who don’t know: Its a Water Cooling Barrel for the MG, why is it shaped like one well I have no idea…

  5. As an Australian, I confirm that this is a certified wtf moment.

  6. @02suraditpengsaeng41

    750 000 point

    Worth it for such conversative vehicle

  7. @Cotton4kwarthunder

    My idea for the challenges from now an are to have them start out easy with only 20k or so then go up to 50k or, for some vehicles, 60k. This way it will be easy to get starting prizes and be really hard to get the vehicle.

  8. @mr.hermitsquid2694

    Bro died to a marder in an airplane

  9. Free hans from his pain


  10. Damn gaijin guessed my average playtime in WT 💀

  11. As an Aussie I can confirm I like pp

  12. Yeah I’ve seen some shit

  13. So how do I decide if I want go foward or backward

  14. @Unmatchedpowerofthesun

    Idk if Hans can even see after this ngl

  15. Hanz has also seen heaven a few times

  16. I committed tax fraud in 2008

  17. will do and more on this😢

  18. stir tiger coming back in form of lootbox


  20. Yeah man the events are crazy. You can’t even reach like the lowest reward tier on 1 hour a day. I couldn’t even get decent rewards back when I was on summer break from school and could play all day.

  21. @professionalr3t4rd

    As an austrlian i can say we do like pp’s too much 💯

  22. If you guys need 8hrs to grind 45k score daily then you have severe skill issue and it’s not gajin fault

  23. what was the last tank called?

  24. There is no loading motion for the crew.💀

  25. Making sure “Daebom” doesn’t see the australian penis thing.

  26. I love long gaming sessions but 8 hours a day every day on the same game and game mode for however long you need to get the unlocks is insanity.

  27. @jeanaroldenis8150

    Nahh the one You Say size matter☠️☠️☠️

  28. Giving a Russian event vehicle for a Chinese new year event seems about right

  29. hows the song called?

  30. Airnoobs, revenge and dying

  31. Hanz is fine hes made out of GERMANIUM!

  32. 750k point is understandable. The recent vehicles (Su25BM,Vilkas,Mirage,CV etc) are floding the markets


    Warthunder has the biggest cucked fanbase i’ve ever seen
    90% of the players are cucks

  34. Bro I hate it when your wing randomly snaps off, who’s with me?

  35. Song name?

  36. At least the 292 isnt as bad as the M551-76 where you have to pay to have a slim chance of obtaining it. Nore is the 292 a crafting event thank god

  37. song?

  38. @averageww1stormtrooper

    song name plz 🙂

  39. @Glitch_official862

    His dead was epic

  40. oi bang kok WT mobile tempatnya dikit ya

  41. But you can get 1.000.000 points from a battle trophy

  42. Where do you need to play 8 hours it’s only takes me 2 and half hours

  43. @pioneerridgeexpress4961

    You use this song way to much lil bro

  44. Listen man…I appreciate Gaijin taking it a bit slower now with new vehicles and rather concentrating on fixing certain things about the meta and game itself and am I GLAD there are no more crafting events
    But 750k points to trait something and then another event vehicle coming each an every 12 days without a break is just horrendous

  45. Luckily I don’t plan to sell this vehicle. I’m making a top tier Russian meme lineup of only squadron and event vehicles. So far I have the BMP-2m, T-80UM2, and the Su-22m3 or whatever the fuck it is.

  46. @kaiser_wilhelm_5364


  47. song name?

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