The Worst German Tank Destroyer

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Source: Spookston

The Ferdinand or Elefant is a heavy tank destroyer based on the hull of the Porsche Tiger. It was quite unreliable historically speaking, but it still managed to do pretty well. It’s good in War Thunder too.

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The Worst German Tank Destroyer


  1. during a war, never stand next to a spookston.
    dude has a magnet o him or some shit

  2. NEW AND COOL VIDEO IDEA: Khrizantema with HE missiles. No one uses them. Youtube first

  3. Surely you play the su57 and use it against enemy CAS

  4. oh please play the new br 25t that fight is7,maus, and obj279 in 8.3 while being 1955 tank

  5. Video 41 (i think) of asking spookston to play the tech tree breda (pls, it has been half a your lmao)

  6. Day 1 of asking Spookston to play the ratel 90

  7. vid day 38 of asking spookston to play the foch

  8. Can´t wait for the Oject 292 HE only video once it is out 😀

  9. Day 231 of asking Spookston to play the rooikat mttd

  10. I’d love to see you play the aml-90 lol

  11. @groadmiralinerika2540

    Honestly, it wasn’t that bad of a sudden repurposed tank destroyer, it had the strongest 88mm available, but it was a heavy tank chassis that was prone to jam and essentially combust. But if you put it against any tanks at a distance with good cover, it’s a suitably powerful Anti-Tank Bunkering beast.

    Also it wasn’t Hitler who ordered them, but Porsche being overconfident that his tank design was superior to Henschel’s, Henschel’s design was much more geared into mobility with a balanced weapon and armor system, albeit the armor was definitely not as great as one could argue slanting it would’ve actually give it better crew compartment with how much steel was wasted on the ‘steps’. Porsche’s mistake of building 100 chassis before orders definitely led to the most over encumbered slow ass moving bunker that has a knack of catching fire on slopes.

    Porsche oh Porsche.

    • @hashteraksgage3281

      The Ferdinands catching fire is a big exaggeration though.

    • @groadmiralinerika2540

      @@hashteraksgage3281 Mostly on slopes I heard, but they do run at least well enough, albeit underpowered. So it’s the strain on the engines being overworked that would make them catch fire often times.

    • @hashteraksgage3281

      @@groadmiralinerika2540 if I’m not mistaken, only about 5 out of the ~200 Ferdinands were lost due to the engine catching fire. Nowadays people make it seem like the thing was burning every ten minutes.

    • @groadmiralinerika2540

      @@hashteraksgage3281 Yeah, that’s definitely gonna be an issue, but wasn’t the number of Ferdinands based on the number of Tiger Porsche hulls? Which was essentially 100 at the time, there are only 91 Ferdinands and 60 were turned into Elefants.

      Or were the 200 number from the total cases of lost and recovered Ferdinands? Just wanting a clarification as there weren’t that many Ferdinands or Elefants.

    • @hashteraksgage3281

      @@groadmiralinerika2540 sorry, I mean there were around 200 of both variants, elefants and Ferdinands.

  12. VILKAS video when

  13. “Except a hull machinegun” when a freeaboo know nothing about german tanks 😀

  14. Day 4 : STA-3

  15. Ferdinand enjoyer here, it’s probably the most fun tank to play in the game

  16. try 134 can you make a video about the centauro 105 It is an italian light tank that is really fast so I guess it fits your playstyle

  17. @chcolatecosmos8643

    Day 16 of asking for spookston to play the FV4005 tank destroyer

  18. Shout out to Ft. Lee Ordinance Museum for having one!

  19. The tank itself isn’t what’s painful. It’s the awful teams at 6.7 that are painful

  20. @nikolajvollesen9639

    Day 3 of asking Spookston, to play the SU-76M (5th Gv.Kav.Corps)

  21. day 2 of asking spookston to play the PT-76

  22. day 81 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch


  24. They talked about this tank in the book, Blood Red Snow. The writer seen it in Stalingrad and couldn’t believe how large it was

  25. T10M please part 7

  26. Love the bye bye man reference

  27. 2:57 “Die? Thank you!”

  28. I really like how Ferdi looks. It looks like somebody stepped on him with that superstructure and tracks shapes:)

    EDIT: Also me, a WoT veteran, being surprised Ferdi doesn’t have the same gun as Jagdtiger after facing them numerous times with T95 in Warthunder. I definitely learned something from this video:D

  29. Day 60 of asking Spookston to play the YaG10 29K

  30. its actually video 30 of asking spookston to play the crusader aa mk1 so its more than 30 days, no idea vids left to watch since i havent had any time to do so

  31. The ferdi is an absolute beast when used right

  32. 4:39 spookston forgets it’s a hull MG and fires a burst into the corpse of the hellcat he is pushing

  33. Pov: spookston saying the ferdinand is bad. Also spookston: getting 8 kills a game

  34. inb4 SU-85A its like a Ferdanant, but its a convertible and made by Russians

  35. @judasdedalosson8105

    Did you bloody use the BG2 Casting sound?! Holy hell that caught me offguard!

  36. 6.7 second reload at 6.7 is nothing to laugh at, I’ve gotten MANY people because I wasted a shot just to bait them out, nobody expects you to reload that fast so by time they’re aimed up your shot is on the way

  37. It is actually one of my favourite tank destroyers…

  38. Nashorn is worse btw, it has two anti-air mgs and they can’t even aim up

  39. I’m able to pen the thing anywhere using my conqueror

  40. I love my ferdi with 200 crew and infinite armor. 6-7 kills per game witj it consistently

  41. “we’re all goofy goober, yea. We’re all goofy goobers, YAH”

  42. @professionalredneck7920

    I actually enjoy Ferdinand quite a bit.

  43. @slowmotioniscool7738

    Bro was still better than me in a good tank

  44. @professor.moriarty9803

    This is irrelevant but, I love fighting against the typical US mains who just unlocked Jumbo and thinks they can tank the world.

    HEATFS: “Auf Wiedersehen!”

  45. Ferdinand/Elefant is like a real sharpshooter, fire — change your position real quick or hide behind something (godly reverse speed allows you to do that)

  46. I played this shit once. I just wanted the Jagdtiger😂 Hate that one too. Armor is useless in WT

  47. the only tank i got my first ever nuke then another on my second game

  48. Nah I love the ferdinand, I don’t think people realised how quick the reload is

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