This Ammo Isn’t Fair

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Source: Spookston

Low tier tanks in War Thunder are often limited to APHE rounds that aren’t very good at getting through armor. The Swedish Strv m/41 S-I premium light tank gets around this by slinging APDS or sabot rounds, which will go through just about anything.

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This Ammo Isn’t Fair


  1. German tank challenge video will be releasing Sunday

  2. @yamatokurusaki5790

    It pains me that ppl call Pz38 T german and doesn’t know where it really came from …

  3. SPOOKSTON CAN YOU PLEASE play the concept 3 or the KV-1 (Zis-5)

  4. Day one of asking for the is4

  5. pray for the snail

  6. Hey Spookston can I tank request a M18 GMC its a good tank and I love to watch you play it

  7. Great vid

  8. Can you please play the sturer emil? (Day 1)

  9. Am I the only one that noticed spook got attacked by a plane once, is… is the CAS curse vanishing!?

  10. 1s of silence to gunk

  11. “I would like to stop getting uptiers please” welcome to my world buddy. (It took 3 years of playing warthunder to get my first downtier, and in that time I got like, 3 matches at the br of my tanks)

  12. @jessymeowlight5660

    Year 2 of asking ze furry to play the AMX-10P

  13. Swedish tanks don’t joke around. I’ve had so much fun playing low tier back when it was released. Rapid firing SPAA that can used as a tank destroyer and anti-aircraft, high-velocity peashooters that reload just as quickly, and to top it off, the 75mm autoloader with 4 rounds. doesn’t matter if they barely have armor if the enemy can’t see you first

  14. 12:17 Que?

  15. As a replay for the 5:10 “My tinnitus is acting up”:

    This is not a medical advice, but Tinnitus can come even you are not playing and the sound level is normal, many think it have to be related to sound then we hear a sound, but then it can change pitch when chewing it is more likely that gamers that get suddenly tinnitus is sitting poorly.

    Next time you get tinnitus that suddenly come, try get up, lean your head back and massage your neck while opening and close mouth like you are yawning, if you hear a pitch change when opening your mouth (or chew) it is related to nerves in in neck and jaw.

    If it remain a long time, visit a doctor.

    If you have tinnitus often, you may have a gaming chair like DXX-Racer, gaming chares are horrible for your back and wallet.

  16. Spookston, the uptier thing isn’t just you.

  17. @frizz_the_goat2800

    12:41 what are u trying to accomplish pe-8 drops bomb lol

  18. t-92 please

  19. Here’s the lyrics:
    “Makin’ my way downtown,
    with my bitch,
    She’s gonna make me a sandwich.
    duh dah duh dadada dadada dahh,
    duh dah dadada dadada dahh”

  20. @mysteriesaboutlife4986

    at 6:04 you forgot a to also say the m3 stuart

  21. Spookston got to the swedish sabots, it’s so fucking over

  22. Gunk beloved, you will not be forgotten

  23. Ok, so that was a good low tier solid shot. How about playing the Churchill mk. I as a TERRIBLE low tier solid shot. That’s right, this is video 106 of asking for a Churchill.

  24. “I would like to stop getting up tiered please”

    Nope, Sweden seems to get a lot more of those for some reason

  25. Gunk remembered in new decal when

  26. When the most used APDS round in WW2 isnt in the game but this cringe is

  27. @certifiedgiggledog

    Did he die at 4:16??? And just cut to when he caught up to the stug, without saying a thing??????

  28. YAY! Tinnitus buddies!

  29. the reserve strv’s gets a sabot and thats what tought me that solid shot is ass.

  30. It’s not call pen it’s called a armor penetrator Spookston

  31. 6:26 its a turan, has a chance to deflect ap bullets shells with its mesh cover on its sides. italian

  32. Yeah when this nation came out they had so little to put into the game the devs apparently spent all their hours over detailing these tanks. I mean essentially the tank was already in the game at that point, and this was one of the only normal premiums. The thing is really good and you can bring it in to much higher matches and just scout or flank, or do whatever with it. Now sweden has quite a bit of Norway on the team so it isn’t so bad these days. Nice to seeing you enjoying it. I actually don’t think it does as well when downtiered. After all this was a swede post war tank and I can see how, though the turret traverse is a tragedy.

  33. this tank could so easily be 3.0

  34. The 1.7 SAV got a very nice APHE round. Give it a try if you haven’t its a blast.

  35. Day 4 asking spookston to play T60

  36. @rohaneastman-persaud4775

    Day 2 of asking spookston to play M4A3(105)

  37. Meanwhile gaijin let’s increase Tiger I br

  38. Ahhhh a man of culture

    I choose GLA stealth general to combat you

  39. This is why Gaijin nerf the APDS is because it seem to OP and now it shoots like a rifle round but doing no damages unless you hit the crew or other components inside the tank.

    However it’s still good too.

  40. And then almost all of the tanks come with about 100 shots of ammo. I really like low tier sweden 🙂

  41. Wait i just realized spookston didnt die to CAS in the video😮

  42. @redbarrelentertainment

    “Skeeter” is what we call mosquitoes in the South. So Skeeter was in a Locust.

  43. I was bout to say “how tf is this not fair” but luckily you pointed out the shit damage of the sabo round

  44. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 88 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  45. @KalebGeorge-sr2jh

    Day 17 asking spooks to play the is3

  46. Did I just here, Spookston liking sabot!?

  47. Swedish reserves can front pen a panther and it’s glorious.

  48. @chcolatecosmos8643

    Day 22 of asking spookston to play the FV4005

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