This Tank Is “Broken”

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Source: Spookston

The Swedish Ikv 103 tank destroyer is considered overpowered by many War Thunder players due to it having access to HEAT-FS shells at a low battle rating. This allows it to go through any tank it sees, though it leaves a lot to be desired in the damage department.

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This Tank Is “Broken”


  1. My surgery got delayed to the 19th. BTW should I do a 350k QnA or wait until 400k

  2. @martinrajadel-cachau653

    if you love heat play the ELC bis

  3. @professor.moriarty9803

    Once upon a time:
    “My preference for this game is truck with guns”

    Play the Lancia 3Ro (100/17)

  4. BMP-3 video 🙂

  5. Day 142 of asking to play t35

  6. try M103 plz(day86)
    or try BMD4(day5)

  7. try 145 can you make a video about the centauro 105 It is an italian light tank that is really fast so I guess it fits your playstyle

  8. @r-dinogaming_oof3812

    Please do video on leopard 1a5

  9. T34 and KV1 fuel tanks are actual hacks, when you shot that T34 coming around the corner, you destroyed BOTH of his fuel tanks, one on each side, straight through his crew, leaving them unharmed.

  10. @professor.moriarty9803

    As a SPAA main, my entire purpose to play GR is to punish people like that M22 cap rusher, and I LOVE DOING IT 😂

  11. Day 15 of asking Spookston to play allay the ST-A3

  12. “That plane” and spook just pulled the best cinematic of war thunder

  13. How do i use the binoculars

  14. @marlenacooper3165

    Day 88 of asking Spookston to play the t-35

  15. dicker max

  16. There were findings while testing the STRV 103 when taking side shots while having the jerry cans mounted on the outside along the side of the hull, heat shells would sometimes defuse off the jerry cans therefore no damage to the tank or crew. I could see similar results with the internal gas tanks as well

  17. @ImmersedInHistory

    The SAV/IKV thing at 1.7 got a APHE thats realy nice at the BR. Neer seen anyone made a video on it. My favorit in the Swedish tree(yea, i’m a free to play peasant)

  18. 1.75mil SL from just the M22,what a unit ( 7:21 )

  19. @matiaslatapiat7152

    why you use 4 heat with the heatf

  20. A HEATFS in 4.0 is wild. I gotta try this out

  21. Play M103 plox

  22. spookston genuinely suprised when his HEAT round goes through tanks

  23. My favorite glass cannon of all time
    Love that goofy lil thing

  24. “…what an absolute creature!!” Got me dead lol, keep up the great work!

  25. @WilhelmWirbels-oh9lw

    Day 2 of asking spookston to play AA only

  26. I pray you speedy recovery and good healthy amen

  27. where can we leave questions for the q&a?

  28. @jordanlaclair9272

    day93 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  29. @alexinredandblack

    Since Italian tanks are cursed you should play the M11/39

  30. @YoshichiEditz5373

    Day 5 of asking you to please play the IS-1

  31. I use this thing unironically in my Sweden 6.7 lineup, it does very well.

  32. Call me crazy but i dont think HEAT HE and HESH should not ricochet

  33. @alexbolmhagen4367

    you should play the ikv 103 in 5br its way better

  34. @nerysalguero3956

    I love the ikv103. It’s mobility is damn good and I’ve used to dance around 2 enemy tanks while somehow surviving

  35. @fideelpauwels1816

    Can you please try the m22

  36. @ThekeiGooferNoodle

    The SAV gives me migraines every time I die to it. It’s the worst part about low tier imo

  37. @Serenity-gaming4

    “Identify yourself creature” sigma alpha male intensifies

  38. Pls play the panzer 4/70 (V)

  39. Vid 1 of asking spookston to play the black prince

  40. 12:51 how did you tell that it was an arty from a teammate ?

  41. It’s quite unbelievable that this thing used to be 5.3

  42. @chcolatecosmos8643

    Day 27 of asking spookston to play the FV4005

  43. By “Oddball” do you mean just the best tech tree?

  44. 12:50 WAIT, you can press j to see who artied you???? i totally knew that. i am a level 100 player after all ^^

  45. @AlexSimkus-hw5oc

    you should do the balkan 1c

  46. @thisisnotatemporalname

    I uptier this a lot now and i actually does much better in 6.7 because the heavy tanks dont expect a random swedish tank from 4.0 to have that much penetration

  47. @PanzerkampfwavenVI

    HeatFs players shooting someone but there wass a tree: 😭

  48. Use this tank except at a higher B.R so that it’s pen might be useful

  49. @existentiallydead5998

    ah fuel tanks natures spaced armor

  50. @thorbenwolfsblut3824

    I absolutely love the Ikv 103. I call it the Giant Swedish Rat

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