Germany’s Most Overkill Tank Destroyer

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Source: Spookston

The Jagdtiger is a heavy tank destroyer based on the hull of the King Tiger heavy tank. In real life it was pretty garbage, being horrendously unreliable, difficult to use, and very expensive. It War Thunder it isn’t much better.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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Germany’s Most Overkill Tank Destroyer


  1. I want reparations for being forced to play this
    Check out Odd’s channel:

  2. So you can befriend me and end that ~86 days streak of asking you to play some variant of Type 74 😂

  3. @Somegoofballscrub

    play AUBL/74 HVG goober vehicle

  4. Day 1 asking Spookston play strf 9040 BILL

  5. play more sprocket please

  6. day 1 of asking spookston to play the ho-i medium tank

  7. Day 1 asking spookston to play the Ikv 91 105

  8. It could be funny to play the T-10M

  9. Theres somebody using your name to run a telegram scam fyi.

  10. @devsindustry4409

    Mark 9:52 lmao

  11. Day 1 of asking Spookston to play the T-80 UK

  12. @TheCosmicRaptor11

    Play the OF.40 mk 2a

  13. Please do the concept 3

  14. I know you don’t really do aircraft but you should try out the KI-48 otsu with the Ki-148 I Go 1B ATGM missle

  15. @titanblaster3971

    Play air battles

  16. Hope you are doing good spook, you should do a video on the ka-50, memes aside I thinks it’s a very interesting helicopter.

  17. @panchojaimes6239

    Day 1 of asking sponkyton to play the American premium XM-1 (GM)

  18. try M103 plz(day89)

  19. If you want to see real tank gameplay, this channel is not it. Go and search for TJ Tanks

  20. @isidorsvenvik999

    Day 16 : can you play the Strav-103

  21. F for the glass cup🫡

  22. Day 6 pvkv m43 1946 solid shot only

  23. @stansearcheslife6363

    Ive been playing this thing a bit more and its so fun

  24. @stansearcheslife6363

    9:17 live reaction of americans using the soft G

  25. anyone know the track at 6:00?

  26. Day 13 asking for the 🇺🇸 M728 CEV

  27. day 15 of asking spookston to play the brumbar at top tier

  28. Day 1 of asking for hungaryan tanks video

  29. Day 3 of asking spookston to play with the Object 292

  30. Play goofy AuF1

  31. Video 14 of asking Spookston to play the Semovente 105/25

  32. The Jagdtiger is my main for my 6.7 line up, followed by the Tiger II Sla.16. Why do I do this to myself? I have no idea 🙃

  33. Germany suffers

  34. @someguydontworry

    what happend to the IS-2 vid?

  35. You should consider taking out the Crusader AA Mk1! It’s a blast in low tier 🙂 (attempt 160)

  36. 3:29 I don’t think he was wiggling his turret, I think he was begging for mercy.

  37. does somebody know how to play the walking sfx on the saxophone from the beginning

  38. Odd: “don’t you love when people who didn’t contribute anything cap the point?”

    Don’t you love when a youtuber gets mad at his teammates for playing the objective instead of letting him spawncamp?

  39. @jaydennighthawk7815

    Day 124 of asking spookston to play the btr-80a

  40. This guy is one of the main 3 reasons I play war thunder. I strive to be as calm as him after getting obliterated by a 12000lb bomb while I’m trying to get out of spawn.

  41. Vid 3 of asking spookston to play the black prince


  43. @algirdasradzevicius188

    Ninety-eight time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  44. 4:00 20 Minutes and still laughing on that edit…shit you cant do that to me 😂

  45. @chcolatecosmos8643

    Day 29 of asking spookston to play the FV4005

  46. @aaronhugolepik8879

    VIdeo 3 of asking panzerjäger 1.

  47. Why is the M50 in a tank game lol, it was never used against tanks because ut was bad lol. However 4:25 that was your fault haha, ultou panick fired, if you jutlst aimed you wouldve killed him. That M50 git very lucky lol

  48. @gendutmatthew2966

    The scariest thing in war thunder

    Seeing an angled kv-2 and you miss yoyr first shot:

  49. Am i the only one who cant see any newer Videos?

  50. @joelrickemyr4025

    Are yiu a furry

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