War Thunder craziest mods

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.


  1. Can i get a car driving game
    No we have a car driving game at home
    The car driving game at home:

  2. who’s playing NFS Most Wanted in War Thunder

  3. We need a accurately modelled killdozer mod

  4. Maybe for next aprils fools we’ll have street races? 😀

  5. Basement guy showing us his recent events💀

  6. Bet theyre gonna make Fast And Furios with this💀💀

  7. @unlingotedehierro7136

    Why was someone kidnapped? 💀

  8. Civilian cars roaming around should be added it will be super cool

  9. I hope somebody adds armored cars and tanks from centaura

  10. BMW e36 for German tech tree

  11. Basement guy is now trunk guy?

  12. @RainbowSheep_was_taken

    Yo car physics in Warthunder are fire

  13. Luckily, mods dont work on my game for some reason. Nether do custom skins. Thay appear on the game, but crash as soon as I start one

  14. Fs22 got me bro😂

  15. @KarmelKoloredKilla

    RS6 kerosene X War Thunder?

  16. Basement guy hitting heat level 7 on his escape

  17. @GrandOvertureLaughter

    The farm sim music bro💀

  18. Wish we had this for console 🙁

  19. If russia can have 4 machine guns on the back of a milk truck New Zealand should have a reserve Bob Semple in the brittish tech tree. Make it a premyiu mint millions.

  20. WHAT THE HELL… HOW?????

  21. War thunder is such a great physics simulator there’s so much that can be done in this game, I love it

  22. @alirezamohsenpour5160

    Is that Basement guy in first car trunk?

  23. Just put a howitzer on top and you’ll be fine

  24. Sergeant cross deployed the entire military 💀

  25. *why were there rounds in the car?*

  26. Okay so three higher luxury sports cars and a battle tractor okay good to know

  27. Does anyone know how to downlaod these?

  28. @war.crimes.is.prohibited

    F for the man in the backrooms


  30. @vitalikvitalik9530

    Everyone is talking about basement guy but no one is talking about BMW MR GTR NFS MW 2005 car.

  31. Basement guy in the trunk *they took him*

  32. They always say “ATTACK THE D POINT!”. But not drifting at the D point.

  33. Now for the killdozer

  34. Bro pulled a childhood car and thought we didnt notice 💀

  35. it was the basement guy in the trunk getting escorted

  36. No way gaijin Post this….
    And what that man doing in the back💀💀

  37. I want it 😮

  38. @Iknowsomonethathasskillissues

    Farming simulator music💀💀💀💀

  39. This game becomes shittier everyday

  40. Couldn’t help but notice a body in the trunk – it got damaged.

  41. can someone tell me where you actually use mods

  42. Bros living in the trunk

  43. first song name?

  44. bigdaddyy

  45. I’m sorry, but in the damage taken screen second in the first showcase… did my eyes deceive me? Was there a kidnapping victim in that car’s trunk?

  46. Beamng type mod

  47. The guy in the trunk is the basement trying to escape captivity lmao

  48. @rainerrodriguez-vf3uj

    When are the numbers coming back???

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