1v1 VS EVERY RANK IN WAR THUNDER (From Reserve to Top Tier)

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Source: Trepkas

Today we 1v1 a player in every rank. Can we win every round?!

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  1. trep wont pin this 😞

  2. you pretty much accurateley depicted my thoughts (rank 3) as I got my ass whooped by you

  3. Nice vid Trep it was a honor for me in the MiG19S

  4. @northerngannet3740

    Ok but now do reserve to top tier sim for likes

  5. @redflxgscharlie2702

    came in early this time

  6. love u trep absolute legend

  7. Great video🤯

  8. I didn’t get chosen to play 😢

  9. Hey cutie 🥰

  10. 243rd like

  11. Day 21 of asking trep for his binds

  12. Name of song at 12:55 ?

  13. 8:23 omg if the shots would’ve landed that would’ve been so clean😭💯

  14. this such a good War Thunder content too

  15. Great Vid! Would love to see this be a series

  16. I like your video content and creation. Very good, clear and natural narration/voice over. Subscribed

  17. you 1v1ed one of the people in my clan in ko3el

  18. Greet work keep it up

  19. boi why are you using flaps when climbing 90 degrees up

  20. Hi on waht Are u playing console or pc

  21. I am happy to say that i am the 400th like and love yo vids

  22. Yo trep how can i get in memee

  23. how many hours u got in wt?

  24. you should ask defyn to one v one you., it’d be so funny

  25. Where do you find these pilots? At <1000 hrs I find them making basic mistakes. I’d really want to 1v1 you and truly test the caliber of your dick.

  26. @Aussieoffroader2024

    I’m gonna bust on u trep

  27. i want the f16

  28. Dude why you answer my dms? You scared to lose again?

  29. luv u too

  30. Ervaxx (one of your mods) and I used to sim 1v1 on this map until he got banned for a sound mod that was on the gaijin website XD

  31. he shot off my elevator so i took the stairs

  32. Day 3 of asking trep to do the thug shake

  33. How do you do 1v1s and stuff like that

  34. i wanna try XD

  35. Daddy trep you can’t say you love me anymore I have a girlfriend now 😢

  36. Day 1 asking Trep to call me a noob in the next vid

  37. how do u get the map for the 1v1?

  38. 0:03 someone love me 🥲

  39. hello mr trep may i ask what are the graphic settings you use to make the fire look that dark and vivid? :3 thank you

  40. 6:49 1700 hours in the hangar

  41. you all are amatures i have 2800 hours in war thunder!!!

  42. Nooo why I am in there with that pfp 😭😭😭

  43. Hey man the video was awsome do part2 i wanna be aginst u ❤

  44. ayo trep about that over 9 minut dog fight i could have told u that bc i know choclatpvp we are in the same squadron

  45. are u lithuainian bc ur ur youtube name looks like lithuainian

  46. Hey! Trep do you have any tips for me to grind the swedish tech tree?

  47. @michaelcaffrey477

    Wht does moving flaps ang putting down the wheels do?

  48. Would love it if you got in call with the people you 1v1 I think it would be interesting to hear what they think during and after the fight

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