The Best American Light Tank

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Source: Spookston

War Thunder has added another prototype light tank with the M551 (76) battlepass reward. This is, as you would assume, a Sheridan light tank with different main armament. It gets a stabilizer at the same BR as the King Tiger which makes it very interesting to play.

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The Best American Light Tank


  1. Hey guys, got a lot going on but it shouldn’t affect videos. Just very tired recently. Starting dialysis soon. Let me know how you like the shorter intro for this video

  2. British 6.7 got uptiered to the stars because they were stabilized and had sabot access, this thing might end up the same way. The irony is that I had the same experience back then with those tanks: you often get the first shot due to the stab, but sabot often fails to deliver and can put you at a disadvantage despite having the first shot. Yet… A heavy tank like an IS or KT has no hope to outshoot a stabilized vehicle like this — their only recourse is exactly that: hoping the incoming sabot fails and gives them a chance to respond.

    It’s pretty whack but not that surprising that it’s coming in at such a low BR, especially considering how bad the 152mm version(which is *8.3* now!!) got hit by the missile ballistics changes. I don’t doubt that the m551/76 is the more effective version between the two now, because the 152mm HEAT is oversized garbage and the shillelagh missile falls out of the gun and hits the ground half the time. Even the T92 which I’ve found is one of the best light tanks in a tree full of great light tanks, doesn’t compare well without the stabilizer.

    I hope this thing at least goes up to 7.3+. Something like this that is light, stabilized, and with access to high-penetration ammo will be a menace if it stays under-tiered. It also still has access to the 76mm APBC round, which has a much better balance of damage vs penetration compared to the sabot, though everyone seems to fixate on the sabot.

  3. @tidepodenjoyer763

    Service record reveal???

  4. alternate title : spookston gets gaslighted by sabot for almost 16 minutes

  5. Still awaiting the r3 t106 vid but I hope you get healthier spookston

  6. I still think it’d be funny to see you play the Churchill crocodile

  7. @I_make_cring_vidieos

    Day 8 of asking spookston to make a ammo tierlist video

  8. @Aidenajifiue-kl6el

    10:44 I AM NOT CRAZY 10:56 I had that guy dead to rights
    I think Spookston has been watching some better call saul lmao

  9. @simonblackwell7455

    I’d love to play this game with bro

  10. @spyrothedragon7188

    Why does this guy whenever he gets a nuke, just screws around then complains that he isn’t gonna make it. Just leave vehicle and drop it. Like it’s actually getting so annoying now

  11. @Withered_bonnie12

    Can u try the cromwell v rp3?

  12. Man I wish APDS wasn’t complete ass.

  13. What about playing the chineee M41a3 light tank at 5.3?

  14. Todays my birthday can you play the SU-5-1 please

  15. @deversusorg2075

    day 5 of asking spookston to play the ZA-35

  16. Gotta love how 37mm APDS has better spallkng than a 76mm 95% of the time

  17. @timmycraftthunder

    You should try playing the Rattle 20, it’s a fun tank and has guided missiles at 6.7. It’s not the fastest wheeled vehicle but is pretty fun.

  18. hi spooks, maybe the 15cm sig 33 b sfl for some low tier bullying

  19. @lizthedumbfloofbutt3121

    Want to see you play the semovante 90/53. And since I’m being generous you can bring the m42 but must play the 90/53 for most of it

  20. 14:33 This pained me greatly
    I really wish Gaijin would fix their game instead of focusing on releasing more $70 premiums, it’s getting a little old

  21. Day 15 of asking Spookston to play the Sk 105A2

  22. Try playing war thunder on console, with not changing base control settings

  23. @sebastianlaigep3874

    2nd day telling Spookston to play the gorgeous but silly Turan III, do it 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

  24. Vid 3 of attempting to get you to play the T55M, It has a better round than the russian ones!

  25. Yet another attempt at getting Spookston to play the DF 105

  26. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 90 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  27. @KalebGeorge-sr2jh

    Day 20 pls is3

  28. Day 41 of asking spookston to play the zachlam tager pleaseeeee

  29. @Whatisthisstupidfinghandle

    I just got mine

  30. @fire_drake12.arc.24

    the T92 moving to 7.0 was a mind boggling change, it doesnt belong there and neither does the T29

  31. Day 12 of asking Spookston to play the ST-A3

  32. If i not wrong at 1:14 that tiger 2 is covered with zimmerit which is a forgotten classified information about that material can block incoming pen by add extra additional armor ( or whatever that is )

  33. @chcolatecosmos8643

    Day 24 of asking spookston to play the FV4005

  34. is it just me but sabot is extremely op when i use it

  35. @MisdirectedSasha

    Classic German main behavior at 1:20
    >Shot in back of turret
    >Briefly looks around
    >Huh, must be nothing

  36. Man, I wish I could have gotten this one, but I just don’t have it in me to grind out when a very good game for me is more than 4 kills or so

  37. Video 1 of asking you to play the 2SM3, it has a 10kg HE shell and a proximity shell too

  38. How does a 76mm gun have as much ammo as a gun twice its size?

  39. 1:15 this keeps happening and not just to sabots but heats recently idk what’s going on

  40. PT-76-57 and M551(76) teach us that if you want to upgrade your underperforming amphibious light tank, then all you need to do is install a new gun derivative of WWII AAA gun on it😅

  41. Just got back from cruise and now I see 3 new spookston videos. This made my day

  42. @marlenacooper3165

    Day 85 of asking Spookston to play the t-35

  43. “The best American Light Tank until a nerf or rating change fucks it”.

  44. @craigmurrin2320

    in recent video I’ve seen you bash the hell out of sabot. I always thought oh sabot isn’t bad (i haven’t noticed it in the 9.0-11.7 tanks i play) my buddies and i played 7.7 Britain and I actually noticed that sabot sucks at that BR

  45. You know he’s gonna nail the shot when he says “I can’t even see what that is”

  46. You could’ve J’d out the moment u had the nuke bro

  47. @algirdasradzevicius188

    Ninety-third time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  48. @sonyjackplays4377

    1000th comment 🌚

  49. @m1a1abramstank49

    Play the Finnish BMP, which has no ATGM

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