The Most Frustrating Tank Destroyer

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Source: Spookston

There are tons of different Soviet casemate tank destroyers in War Thunder, but the is probably the pinnacle. It has a relatively fast firing 122mm like the , workable armor, and good defensive armament. You won't be getting a nuke every game, but it's alright.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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The Most Frustrating


  1. Think I might do an Arma challenge video sometime

  2. Excuse me you haven’t completed the German main challenge. Tiger H1 with full ammo load in every game. Good luck.

  3. Day 20 of asking Spookston to play leopard 1(8.0br)

  4. Petition for a cv90120 vid or optionally a cv9040c. Thanks bro

  5. @haynesmcswain8591

    Do a T-92 video. It is a lot of fun

  6. try 70 of asking spookston to play the to55 or pantsir s1

  7. play the damn rcv

  8. Hey spooks, I love your videos. Please can you play the Conqueror Heavy tank in the British tree

  9. You should try the SIDAM 25 (Mistral) some time.

  10. that 75 got so lucky

  11. Then try the game on the Soviet while at 0 – 13 fps

  12. @russianwarsupporterz1499

    sounds fun!

    anyways, i recommend you to try the Chi-Nu (75mm version)

  13. Day 1 of asking spookston to play the su-100, t-54 at 6.0

  14. @claudiomatteoramos4569

    Play the IKV 103 because sweden

  15. spookston play the magach 7c

  16. The way he got absolutely man handled by that jumbo was humorous!

  17. 17th day on my journey to convince Spookston to play the Rafkampfwagen 90

  18. Play the hungarian tech tree

  19. 6:04 i think the reason that shot went trough is bc he hit the shot right on the rivet witch makes sense

  20. @ADudOverTheFence1

    Please Spook play the SK105A2. Peak ratty tank with an autoloader, thermals and a LRF at 8.3

  21. the title of this video isn’t wrong i really hate playing against that little bugger

  22. 5:35 i think he use some bot 🙂

  23. You need to do a video on the Sd.Kfz.251/9, it has a HEAT round with 100mm’s of penetration and a good reload, just fucks up everything in low br with ease especially when you play against new players :p

  24. day one of asking you to play the T1E1

  25. Day2 play phòng không t34

  26. Day one : you should play the Sherman 105

  27. Day 1 of asking Spookston to play the M10 wolverine

  28. 5:10 “The M3 is all you need”

  29. Subscribe to him guys

  30. 5:51 that jumbo has played the soviets before. Every time i play, that is the only shot the enemys can appear to hit

  31. Day 12 of asking spooks to play ground sim battles 🤑

  32. 6:10 rare occasion Spooks got mental meltdown gameplay 😂

  33. The T34-57 actually works

  34. Best tactic with this one is to wiggle it to left right just a bit.
    Also you are lucky haven’t got a commander’s (where the 14.5 is) cupola shot as that can trapshot 11/10 times and overpressure the tank😂
    And the annoying with most tanks is that they are like rocking chair after braking/when they shoot when in reality the chassis barely move.
    Also kind of strange that in AB when you carrying the nuke the points stope decreases but not in RB

  35. 2:40 Tutel jump scare 👏

  36. Jumbo 75 just god aimed you lol :). I like depression (not mental) with my tanks and that looks like it has NO depression.

  37. @abdellahiehreimo3402

    Play Ha Go.

  38. “Volumetric isnt broken”
    Also volumetric: 5:50

  39. 10:19 this guy does not reload it repairs💀💀

  40. day 74 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  41. “the more I play the more i lose my sanity” Literally every war thunder player ever

  42. @CallofDutyBlackOps28

    YouTube telling me a vid is hour days late like they’re shorts.

  43. Decent tank, machine gun demolishes planes

  44. Why al the stupid meme pictures when something happens or you say something so dumb and annoying

  45. @Spookston When you have the hiccups, say out loud and very calmly “I am not a fish.” It’s stupid but it works.

  46. Last time i played this years ago the Su-122-54 was playing against Leopards and other shit 24/7, what happened here? Now its OP? Also, you should have used the D meme shell, that one would not have bounced from the Panther 😂

  47. 107th day asking for a T-55 any variant video

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