The T20 Is Definitely Broken

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Source: Spookston

The is at a very strange place in War Thunder. It isn't very good when compared to its counterparts, yet it still performs exceedingly well.

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The T20 Is Definitely Broken


  1. Sorry
    also that is the regular T23 in the middle of the video, not the HVSS

  2. 7.0/7.3 have like no tanks in them. I did the math, it’s like 9 7.0 and 10 7.3, not including trophy, premiums, and SPAA. So any 6.7 up-tier is usually straight to 7.7, while any 7.7 down-tier is straight to 6.7. So a move from 7.7 to 8.0 doesn’t seem like much, but you’re basically cutting off the chance of down-tiers. On top of that, people trying to climb the tech tree have to jump from 6.7 to 7.7/8.0 on a few nations. Their lineups will be a 7.7 and then like 3 6.7s. So a full 7.7 lineup is stronger than normal, due to already facing mostly down-tiers for free.
    They need to rework that area, rather than increase 7.7s to 8.0.

  3. this game is just so, so poorly managed.

  4. @policewilsowilso3950

    Video 1 of asking for a M3 Bradley

  5. Pour one out for ill9x he either he is trying to spade the type 60 (bless him if he is) or he is grinding Japan and well he is braver then most that for sure.

  6. Play the MK VIA AA in top tiers and try to get 3 kills in planes

  7. Gaijin is gonna add +2 BR to every US vehicle with the 76mm after this video

  8. damn i bought the t 20 when it was like 5.3 at the same br as the m 18 that were sum fun times

  9. Play the panzer 4 f1. Attempt no 4

  10. Play the T26 Assult Pershing great armor decent speed and same 90mm gun

  11. Char 25 at 8.0 is what made me uninstall this game

  12. How did that ASU85 miss that many times? That gun is amazing even if the tank suffers

  13. I think gaijin have beef with this tanks creator like he killed their grandpa or sum

  14. 109th day asking for a T-55 any variant video

  15. This thing’s br should be 5.7 not 6.3. At even at 5.7 the ap round still would not be able to frontal pen a Panther. While I do not have the T20 nor any progress in US tree, I play Japan. The Japanese HVSS is already over br’ed at 5.7 and I sort of view this similar situation. Also Conway?

  16. You could probably use one of the worst tanks in the game, get kills by being smart, and Gaijin will raise the BR by like 2.

  17. Seriously? It was bad enough having it at 6.0

  18. Please play the merkava

  19. play the char25t

  20. can you play the T-50 ore the kv1 zis5?

  21. T20 averages around 5 kills a game me in my premium tiger 2 averaging 15 kills a game gaijan this is fine

  22. @andrewperkovich8184

    I frankly agree with you. Gaijin’s balancing needs to be based less heavily on statistics and more on the relative armor, firepower and mobility with every tank/ground vehicle. Like when they decided to increase the BR of the jumbo 76. When making that decision instead of being like “according to the statistics” they needed to be like “according to the relative armor, firepower, mobility and the statistics of heavy tanks at the battle rating, the jumbo is performing above average to a noticeable degree. On analysis of match replays we notice blah, blah, blah” the amount of times i play a tiger or tiger 2 and watch my entire team die within 3 minutes of the game starting is scary. Especially considering you have tiger 2’s being out played by shermans, hellcats and other 76 equiped vehicles. Ik people will say boohoo to me for complaining about the jumbo 76 being 6.3 when the tiger was moved to 6.0 but the jumbo’s move was unwarranted considering German ground vehicles, up until recently, have had the battleratings of their midrank vehicles lowered repeatedly. Examples being the jadgtiger being moved to 6.7 from 7.3, the jadgpanther being moved to 6.0 and then recently to 6.3, it initially was a 6.7. The tiger H1 was 5.3 for the longest time. What im getting at is that they shift allll these tank ratings around en masse instead of taking their time and actually study the situation and that leads to matches being wildly imbalanced quite often. Ik why they choose to do it this way its easy, fast and it gives the appearance, to the community as a whole that they care, but in reality its lazy, cheap, and it may make a nation relatively stronger than others which drives players to play, grind or buy premiums for said nation while its temporarily stronger, so in all its a huge money making slimeball tactic.

  23. “it doesn’t offer a whole lot”. MF you got two damn nukes.

  24. can u play the typ 61 (day 6 of asking)

  25. you get depressed when they announce br changes, i get depressed every major patch cause they just seem focused on adding more and more top tier.

  26. probably the most chaotic warthunder viedo ive seen so far lol

  27. Milan at 6.7 is hilarious, but it is on the British death van.

  28. you know honestly my favourite part of all your videos is when something so ridiculous happens, you start laughing in tears. i immediately start laughing along. Glad to see you are enjoying the game man 🙂

  29. @TheGamegurusChannel

    I bought this like literally 6 years ago when it was like, I think 5.0?

  30. Spookston being the sole reason for some US tanks going up and up while Russian tanks who are sometimes 5 to 10 years newer keep going down.

  31. I was thinking the t23 should be at 8.0 if it gets even a short stop stabiliser

  32. @alexanderfenning8648

    I do not feel bad for the king tiger back in the battle of the bulge a king tiger was killed by an M8 greyhound.

  33. I almost tough there’s no cas action in this video, then god send that pe-8

  34. @marlenacooper3165

    Day 71 of asking Spookston to play the t-35

  35. Can you play the AMR.35 ZT3, its a 1.0 French tank and its basically an L3 but with a useful gun.

  36. could you please play the Conqueror :))) its one of my fav tanks

  37. Are you enjoying your Urteil Chaffee but slightly better games?

  38. Hot take: T20 is the american T-54/55

  39. Hey spook I’m a 6.3 USA main and want to know why over the last month and a little there has been constant up tiers to 6.7 before i would rarely fight a tiger II now its all i fight I assume its just everyone going to 6.7 either coming back down or just finally getting the tiger II and shit but jesus its annoying
    Edit I have 6.7 but prefer to stay at 6.3

  40. @arandomredarmykomrade9529

    the t-20’s best defesne is people thinking that it is a pershing and proceeding to shoot in a very panicked way

  41. That tank go wee at 13:10

  42. @michaelconstantin268

    *Spookston* is definitely broken.

    The T20 is definitely a tank.

  43. @notsoseriouslen6374

    full uptier got 16k rp and 120k sl in a t20 at stalingrad 2nd best game i ever had had to do with getting 4 caps as well as kills and like 10 assists….also just bought it at 6.3 and so far my KD is 4:1 lol…just keep moving and shooting while moving

  44. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 76 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  45. Hey spookston whats that missile passby sound effect you used on 4:57 ?

  46. @julmdamaslefttoe3559

    well air RB they made good changes, SU-27 and F-16 alikes to 12.7

  47. Spookston you play so well that Gaijin sees you got over 10 kills in whatever and just says MORE BR

  48. The tank does have a lot going for it over a sherman particularly in terms of movement, certinaly not enough for 6.3 though

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