The Weirdest Main Battle Tank

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Source: Spookston

The Swedish tech tree in War Thunder is host to a plethora of very strange vehicles, with the best example being the Strv 103 tanks. Also known as the S-Tank, it has no turret and heavily angled armor. It isn't very meta, but I managed to get a nuke with it anyway.

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The Weirdest Main Battle Tank


  1. Gonna see if I can get another historical video done for next week 🙂

  2. Please make a vid on the german DF105. Feel like people are sleeping on it.

  3. Day 24 of asking Spookston to play the Lancaster with 12000lb bomb in ground battles

  4. try 73 of asking spookston to play the to55

  5. @marcoklingenfuss3112

    can you also make a video about the amx 30 DCA?

  6. @justinsmotovlog3857

    Day 30 of asking to use the zaclham tager please

  7. Hey you have never made a video for the Pz.II C (DAK). It was my first premium tank. You should give it a try.

  8. I love the Cheese wedge <3

  9. @muhammadabdullahwaseem3040

    you should play the chinese ptz89. it has a fully stabilised autoloaded 120 mm with a laser rangefinder and rounds on par with 3bm42 but being fired every six seconds. its also decently fast. its gun depression is non existent. it also has a decent high explosive shell

  10. amx 13 dca

  11. Day 15 of asking Spookston to play Kv2 pleaseeeeee

  12. Use the YaG-10 29-K the hardest vehicle to get a kill with

  13. @Charles_the_toast

    Can you play the su-57b its basiclly a more amoured zis-30

  14. Hello Spookston, newish player here. I put forth a request for you to play the German 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl tank destroyer, I dislike smurfing however so please don’t take too much advantage of the drop and just sit behind a hill shelling people who can’t even see you.

  15. 22nd day on my journey to convince Spookston to play the Radkampfwagen 90

  16. Taking a guess cause its been a hot minute but day 31 of asking for r3 t106

  17. Spookston will you play the event vehiclewhen it’s available, maybe with the condition of only using that massive HE shell… because funny?

  18. as a new warthunder player it boggles my mind that you can somehow have most of the tanks you run into memorized. (side note, how the hell do you see them so fast? i jsut cant seem to do that myself)

  19. Can you try the TAM German pl

  20. Hilarious edits into the great gameplay! What I have been noticing is that people really look mostly for turrets in war thunder. If you aren’t moving especially people just don’t see you. Seems like the case with this too. Those super flat Italian TDs are great examples. I also wonder if people are blasting music too further adding to your stealth. Like hey team turn down the sabaton and listen ffs! I am not sure I will ever get to these upper tiers to play this but I really want to. I also didn’t see the reticle bouncing that took 5 years to fix apparently. I am at 6.7 in US and Ger and like 5.7 in Sweden. GGs

  21. You should try the Zrinyi II, a very enjoyable Hungarian casemate at 2.7.

  22. Im convinced that spookston manifested his bad luck onto me I die every game to cas or get spawn camped from across the map

  23. @JonathanNorth-lt8oo

    He should play Pz. III m

  24. Spookstoon should play the german Kugelblitz. I would love to see him shred some tanks and CAS.

  25. day 31 of asking for cv9030fin

  26. M103 when?

  27. Spookston, i highly advise to play the 103-O variant, but only with BESH. The round combined with a laser rangefinder at 8.0 is really something else.

  28. Day 97 of asking spookston to play the t-35

  29. @notsoseriouslen6374

    use ur scout keybind thats what i do for hull aim its not a scout tank so it wont matter…started doing that a lot with tanks and planes if one has a unique feture use a keybind that it doesnt use but u use a lot for other vehicles

  30. Spook: “The T-55AM-1 is a tank I will never feel bad for killing. Never ever.”

    Me/Patrick: “Never ever forever never ever ever?!”

  31. @Worldoftankistenoob

    the strv103 wasn’t actually made to be a mbt but more of an ambush tank as sweden rely more on a defensive strategy when it comes to war

  32. @DanielSanchez-gp5ve

    I won…

  33. cheese shaped

  34. @silentsurvivor2197

    Day 2 of asking Spookston to ply with me

  35. Im happily suprised the comment section for once when talking about the strv103 wasnt filled with mouthbreathers saying “iTs A tAnK dEsTrOyEr”. As far as i understand we have the world of tanks game to thank for that particular group of flatearthers.

    Also it wasnt designed to be a turretless tank. The conlusion was more along the lines “turret bad. turret reason for many dead tanks” but what if we just stuck the turret on tracks….

  36. 110th day asking for a T-55 any variant video

  37. @victorgardiaparege6155

    i use left ctrl to lock/unlock gun system

  38. Day 3 of asking you to play the Sk 105A2

  39. magach 5 hasn’t got a stabilazer

  40. The 103’s are the only tanks i’ve managed to get nukes with.

  41. Speaking of turretless tanks, you should try the Gun Carrier 3inch. 🙂

  42. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 77 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  43. vid day 34 of asking spookston to play the foch

  44. use space bar i use it for the tank it works great

  45. I bet that the reason the “fences” in front of the tank were so long classified is because someone just did not bother to de-classify them.
    Also, I hate that god damn thing every time I face it…

  46. Howd you get a nuke aircraft to sweden?
    I am asking for advice

  47. How Do I turn off Hull aim?

  48. Ok, the S tank is weird in a good way, how about the gun carrier, 3 in, which is weird in a terrible way? This is video 99 of asking for a Churchill.

  49. So yea guys, this is the worst tank in War Thunder…. proceeds to get a Nuke with 11 kills

  50. The “S-Tank” is not hard to spell out in any way: Stridsvagn which directly translates to Fighting Wagon or just Chariot 😉

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